GOLDCOIN (GLD) price jumps 113% to $0.36 – on Heavy Trading Volume

GOLDCOIN (GLD) price jumps 113% to $0.36 – on Heavy Trading Volume

Investors choose ‘hard money’ GOLDCOIN (GLD) as a store of value for smart investors

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA — 19 DECEMBER, 2017 – GOLDCOIN (GLD), the crypto-currency investors love, jumped in price by 113% on Dec. 18, with the price settling at $0.36 before trading stopped.

Trading was so heavy that the exchange Bittrex had to shut it down for several hours. “We have an open support ticket and a reply. Bittrex support indicates the issue is being addressed but they do not have an ETA currently for trading to resume.” Says Greg Matthews

Investors are moving heavily into cryptocurrencies, but they choose GOLDCOIN (GLD) because it is ‘hard money,’ following the path laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto when he invented the cryptocurrency concept in his original Bitcoin white paper of 2008.

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“We are the only cryptocurrency to have preserved Nakamoto’s original plan for scaling the coin’s network, we’ve made the network 10 times faster than the current Bitcoin network, and we confirm transactions much more rapidly,” explains Greg Matthews, GOLDCOIN (GLD) System Administrator. “This is why investors prefer us over other cryptocurrency choices.


Institutional Investors move in, and so do retail investors

As the total market cap of cryptocurrencies surpasses $600 billion, about two to three percent of that amount is in the hands of major banks, brokerages and investment firms, according to Goldman Sachs statistics. In 2017 over 84 new cryptocurrency focused hedge funds have launched. A number of major institutions around the world have taken a cryptocurrency stake, including two major Swiss banks and a French mutual fund. Retail investors, like ‘Ms. Watanabe’ in Japan, and small US investors have backed up the exchanges with orders.

GOLDCOIN (GLD) was a clear choice for investors because of the high quality of its offer – this is why Bittrex had to shut down trading in it.  GOLDCOIN (GLD) had, in fact, risen steadily in price over the past few years before the vast increase of interest in cryptocurrencies.

Goldcoin-Chart up 113%

GOLDCOIN, the crypto-currency for investors, has undertaken a major upgrade of its network which will make it safer and better-performing, with three new skilled developers added to the staff.

GOLDCOIN (GLD) mining is also carefully managed. And GOLDCOIN (GLD) has provided secure defenses against 51% attacks and ASIC threats. GOLDCOIN (GLD) also is protected by the proprietary Golden River algorithm which optimises the proof-of-work difficulty for changing demand conditions.

The creation of an IOS wallet will soon make it easier for investors to place funds in the crypto-currency. An Android wallet is already popular.

And the GOLDCOIN (GLD) roadshow, which will kick off in the Spring 0f 2018 with a Conference Tour that will allow the team to showcase our technology and new software to the crypto-currency industry.

“GOLDCOIN (GLD) is now a notable brand in our industry, it says value to millions of people,” Matthews concludes. “Investors can easily see that our offer is of a high quality, one that is rarely matched in the industry. We are faster, safer and more secure than the rest.


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