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Goldcoin Roadmap (2017/2018)

The Goldcoin Team is dedicated to building the most secure and valuable currency ever in existence. It’s “Hard Money” for the new digital World.

We believe Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol had the ability to scale out-of-the-box and that on-chain scaling is crucial for the long term health of Goldcoin. Throttling the main chain and forcing transactions onto side networks weakens the system, changes economic incentives, and increases regulatory exposure of network participants. In addition to preserving the principles of the original design, we’ve made several additional improvements to harden the network including the design of a 51% attack defense system, and innovative GoldenRiver difficulty algorithm.

Now, as mainstream consumers are being exposed to cryptocurrencies for the first time, we’re seeing our adoption rate skyrocket. In order to maintain pace with this increasing demand, we will be adding an iOS app and performing a full network upgrade over the winter months. This upgrade will bring a host of new features to our client including Bloom Filters and Coin Control.

Then, in the Spring of 2018, the team will kick off a World Conference Tour that will allow us to showcase our technology and new software to the cryptocurrency industry.

November 2017

[iOS app, Client upgrade]
In late November we plan to have a completed iOS app ready for submission to the App Store. Work will also begin on a client upgrade that will improve mining and SPV wallet performance. This update will come in the way of a soft fork remaining 100% backward compatible with older clients.

December 2017

[App Store, Client upgrade]
During December, we will be working together to win approval by Apple to have our newly built iOS app listed in the App Store. We have assembled a committee of 4 to work through the submission process. Development work on the new client will continue in our Slack channel.

January 2018

[Upgrade finalization, testnet]
In January, we plan to run the new client on a private Testnet for testing and bug checking. Preserving backward compatibility is a high priority and we especially want to check how the new client handles cross-talk between older versions.

February 2018

[Upgrade rollout, SPV wallet]
Now that the client has been fully tested it’s time to build and sign the binaries and roll out the upgrade. This roll out will be done in conjunction with a series of news articles and press releases. Now that we have a client that can support it, we can build an Electrum type wallet that will make for an enhanced experience by general users.

March 2018

[SPV wallet rollout]
Roll out of new SPV wallet (thin client) with accompanying press release. This makes our network upgrade complete and brings a complete set of tools for our users that includes an Android app, iOS app, and Electrum style light wallet.

The high-level development roadmap is available here: Launch_Plan_GLD.docx

Spring 2018 (World Conference Tour)

Now that we’ve completed the development work it’s time to showcase the new iPhone app and various client features by taking the show on the road. The team will begin a tour that will take them across North America, Germany, and to select International cryptocurrency conferences with kiosks and presentations.  Check back after Christmas for a complete list of venues along with dates and times.